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Introducing Biafo Tours

With a mission to connect people through tourism, Biafo aims to be your ultimate partner in travel planning and management. Our proactively managed services unmatched convenience to your travel, we believe in creating hassle-free holistically managed trips forever cherished memories with your loved ones!

For almost two decades we have been carrying a mission to explore and uncover the mesmerizing beauty of Pakistan. Our passion to create experiences has made us the leading transport, travel, booking and expedition company in the country. We understand the varying customer needs when it comes to travel plans, management, and execution; therefore in our quest to gain customer trust and satisfaction, we offer customized plans that are suited to individual needs. So whether you are looking for a complete adventure out in the forests, trek in the mountains, climb up the peaks, cruise through the desert or enjoy the scenic beauty sitting by a riverside, whether you require a basic support or a fully managed tour, Biafo lets you create your perfect tour based on your preferences, budget and style and that too with an experienced customer support.

Providing quality luxury services in the economy, our service portfolio includes:

-Transportations Services

-Tours and Expeditions Services

-Hotel Reservations