Cholistan Desert Camel Safari Tour | Camel and Boat Safaris in Pakistan

Cholistan Desert Camel Safari Tour | Camel and Boat Safaris in Pakistan

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Cholistan is the fascinating desert, locally known as “Rohi”, starting some 30km from Bahawalpur and is spread over an area of some 16,000 sq. km. and extended up to the Thar Desert in Sindh Province. Darawar fort is the major landmark of Cholistan Desert, located 48km from Dera Nawab Sahib. Cholistan is presently inhabited by 100,000 semi-nomads moving from one place to another in search of water and fodder for their animals. The nomads belong to different tribes, though most of them are descended from settlers who came from Balochistan at least 200 years ago. The women wear long and full red skirts and embroidered shawls and the men pile bright color turbans.

Camel Safari is the famous festival of the Cholistan Desert in which one can enjoy singing and camel dancing. There is a chain of forts built at 29km intervals when traveling in Cholistan Desert, which serve as guard posts for the camel caravan routes. There are three rows of these forts; the first line of forts begins from Phulra and ends in Lera, the second from Rukhanpur to Islamgarh and the third from Bilcaner to Khaploo. Some of them dated back to 1000B.C. and were destroyed and rebuilt many times.


Day 01      Islamabad
Day 02 Islamabad – Kallar Kahar – Lahore
Day 03 Lahore
Day 04 Lahore – Harrapa – Multan
Day 05 Multan – Uch – Bahawalpur
Day 06 Bahawalpur – Derawar Fort
Day 07 Derawar – Toba (Camel Ride)
Day 08 Toba – Hallo Rani
Day 09 Hallo Rani – Chanan Pir
Day 10 Chanan Pir – Lal Sohanra Park– Multan
Day 11 Multan - Islamabad
Day 12 Islamabad
Day 13 Islamabad Departure