Diran Peak Nagar Trekking | Trekking Holidays in Pakistan

Range    :  Karakoram   
Altitude  : 7266-M
Zone  : Open
Duration  :   12 Days
Best Time   : May - September
    treking to diran peak minapin nagar
    trekking to diran peak minapin nagar
    trekking to diran peak minapin nagar
    trekking to diran peak minapin nagar


The peak is called Minapin as well as Diran. It is situated in Rakaposhi and Haramosh mountain region near the Minapin Nagar, Hinarchi and Baultar glaciers and is easily accessible because of the Karakoram Highway. There is confusion about its height but now all agree that it is 7,273m. Height, it is one of the fascinating peaks that dominates the Gilgit valley and adds special color to its otherwise rugged beauty.

A three-member Austrian expedition, which included Rainer Goschl, Rudolph Pischinger and Hanns Schell, decided to try its luck on Diran in 1968 after being refused permission to climb Kampire Dior peak. It set up camp 1 at 4,800m. Big crevasses, inclement weather and deep snow is recorded between camps I and II. 


Day 01            Arrive Islamabad, Welcome reception.     
Day 02  Drive to Karimabad
Day 03  Drive to Minapin, overnight camping
Day 04  Drive to Taghafari, overnight camping
Day 05 Trek to Diran Peak base camp
Day 06-07     Climbing Diran Peak
Day 08 Trek back to Taghafari
Day 09 Trek back to Minapin
Day 10 Drive to Karimabad
Day 11 Drive to Chilas,
Day 12 Drive to Islamabad