About Biafo Tours


At Biafo Tours we have got things you are definitely going to love, the places you have been dreaming to see, and the cultures you would love to jump into.

Humans are making more of an impact than other species. We are playing a powerful role in the protection of nature, to reduce the carbon footprint of our leisure trips. We encourage our travelers to act responsible and not to throw garbage and minimize the use of plastic and other disposable products.

This could include giving them conservation resources for the environment that they are visiting or promoting sustainable activities, for instance, cycle tours or wildlife sanctuaries while they are there. Encourage your customers to reduce their waste and take the waste products with them, think about putting resources into an electric vehicle for visits, and reduce the waste by utilizing electronic registration and administration systems instead of printing resources.

This is as basic as using local guides and taxi services, eating at local eateries and staying at locally owned rest houses. Keeping the profits within the community will both guarantee that the destination continues to exist and the local community can have better economic conditions.

This includes sensitizing your customers about local culture and locally made products and convincing them to buy the local products. If your business sells to a particular area you could even consider supporting a local conservation project yourselves (like this one in Scotland) and encourage your customers to consider doing the same.

  • Maximize social benefits for the local community. We encourage our client to buy local crafts and products to sustain native communities.
  • We suggest our clients avoid purchasing products made from rare species and create awareness among them to be responsible citizens and protect biodiversity.
  • We encourage community initiatives to protect wildlife and promote education by contributing funds from our revenues.
  • We notify our clients to respect the religious and cultural norms of local communities.
  • We make sure that none of our clients and suppliers exploit any human being and we encourage respectful relationships with other staff and local communities.

2. Maximize economic benefits for the local community

Here are some things you can do:

  • Boost local businesses by investing in the areas where your business operates this would contribute to the upliftment of local small businesses.
  • We always encourage sustainable use of resources and play our role of being the responsible company.
  • We prefer local human resource and provide on the job training.
  • We prefer to purchase our supplies from local suppliers to provide sustainable economic benefits to the areas we visit.