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Trekking to Rush Lake Hopar Nagar | Trekking Holidays in Pakistan

Range    :  Karakoram   
Altitude  : 600m : 4000m 
Zone  : Open
Duration  : 16 Days
Best Time    : May - September   
    rush lake hopar nagar trek
    rush lake hopar nagar trek
    rush lake hopar nagar trek
    rush lake hopar nagar trek


This is a beautiful trek to Rush Lake at 4694 m with the ascent of Rush Peak (5200 m). Rush is one of the highest alpine lakes in Pakistan. It is located about 15 km north of Miar Peak and Spantik (Golden Peak) (which are in the Nagar valley). Rush Lake and Rush Peak can be reached via Nagar and Hopar and via the Hopar Glacier (Bualtar Glacier) and Miar Glacier, (which rises fromthe Miar and Phuparash) peaks. The trek to Rush Lake can be reached without the need for a long and difficult climb. Yet Rush Peak itself is a highpoint on a broad ridge that can be reached with relative ease. This ridge is almost 20km long and separates the glaciated valley of the Barpu from the steep sided Hispar Valley. It starts close to the town of Nagir and rises gently South Eastwards to culminate in a series of very steep unclimbed 6000m peaks.

Rush Lake and Rush Peak lie about half way along this ridge where the crest changes from a broad feature to an impregnable series of crumbing rock pinnacles. The scenery is spectacular with all the giant peaks of Hunza-Nagar visible. Across the Hispar valley there is a wall of four peaks from 7025 to 7885 m high. This trek is for those who have a taste of easy trekking and soft adventure in the beautiful regions of the earth. Rush Lake Trek in Nagar Valley will provide great pleasure and adventure for trekkers. Eric Shipton called Nagar Valley. Our trek in this area offers a fantastic walk and some of world’s most beautiful scenes.


Day 01            Arrive Islamabad, Welcome reception.     
Day 02  Drive to Gilgit
Day 03  Drive to Karim abad Hunza
Day 04  Free day: Visit to Bultit fort in Karimabad     
Day 05  Drive to Hopar Nagar
Day 06  Trek to Hamdar.
Day 07  Trek to Sumayar.
Day 08  Trek to Girgindil Camp.
Day 09  Rest Day/ Trek to Spantik Base Camp.
Day 10  Trek to Bericho Kor Camp.
Day 11  Trek to Chidin Harai Camp.
Day 12  Trek to Rush Lake/Peak.
Day 13  Trek Back to Berico Kor Camp.
Day 14  Trek to Hopar and Drive to Hunza.
Day 15  Drive to Gilgit
Day 16 Drive to Islam Abad



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