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Pakistan is one of the few countries blessed with four seasons, it is a country of rich biodiversity, magnificent mountains with snowy caps, freshwater lakes, icy glaciers, and beautiful deserts. Pakistan is the habitat of a variety of bird species including migratory species. There is potential for bird watching activities and there is no proper mechanism for such activities. Biafo Tours offer perfect opportunities for bird loving adventurers:

Winter is the perfect time for people those who seek a bird sighting, a large number of Siberian migratory birds visit wetlands and plains of Pakistan. Native bird species of Pakistan can also be enjoyed in the wilderness of Northern Pakistan. rare and unique bird species are found in Chitral, Gilgit, Deosai National Park, Baltistan, Hunza, Khunjerab National Park and Nanga Parbat where one can experience the serenity in the wilderness. Bird Sighting can also be experienced in other regions of Pakistan Chiltan National Park at Hazar Ganji, Ayubia National Park, Margalla Hills, and Kirthar National Park.

Join Biafo Tours and explore forests, wetlands, and sanctuaries which shelter thousands of bird species guided by native guides.



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