ChilimJust Festival

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Join Biafo Tours this may to enjoy the Chilam Joshi Festive to welcome spring. Joshi/Chilimjust is one of most famous festivals of Kalash which is celebrated in mid of May each year to welcome spring. This festival is celebrated to admire fairies and goats and other cattle before they are gone to pastures. Women and girls from the whole valley gather and decorate their homes. Local wine and milk are offered to each other, and women sprinkle milk on Goddess”Jestak”, who is considered to be the protector of their home and family. The festival is celebrated starts at Rumbur where tribal leaders sacrifice goats to honor God, the festival moves to Bumboret and ends at Brir. Dance is an important element of Kalash’s religious ceremony, the women dance in a circle wearing their black traditional robes.



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