Diran Base Camp Trek

Destination: Nagar

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Most visitors only see the Bagrot valley's broad alluvial fan across the Gilgit River. 15 km downstream from Gilgit. Its narrow, lower reaches are desolate, but above Sinakkar it's a cultivated and settled valley. From Bagrot, the stunning south faces of Rakaposhi (7788m) and Diran (7266m) peaks, as well as the lovely twin summits of Bilchar Dobani (6134m) are visible. Phuparash (6785m), Malubiting (7458m), Laila (6986m) and Haramosh (7409m) peaks tower over the Haramosh valley, which lies east of Bagrot and branches north from the Indus River. Treks in these valleys, seldom on trekker's itineraries, are readily accessible by road with mostly easy trails and superb views.



Day 01 Islamabad. Hotel.

Day 02 Fly to Gilgit or drive to Chilas in case of flight cancellation. Hotel.

Day 03 Drive to Minapin. Hotel.

Day 04 Trek to Hapakun. Tent.

Day 05 Trek to Tagaphari. Tent.

Day 06 Trek to Diran BC. Tent.

Day 07 Free day. Tent.

Day 08 Trek down to Minapin and drive to Hunza. Hotel.

Day 09 Free day. Hotel.

Day 10 Drive to Gilgit. Hotel.

Day 11 Fly to Islamabad or drive to Besham. Hotel.

Day 12 Free day or complete road journey. Hotel.

Day 13 Fly out.

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