Hunza Khunjerab IBex Tour

Destination: Hunza

Eco Safari

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Ibex are found above the tree lines of arid mountain ranges of the inner Himalayas in precipitous regions. They exist between 3660m and 5000m, but they have sometimes observed crossing valleys below 2135m. the higher mountain ranges of Hunza, Chitral, Ghizer and Baltistan Karakoram, Haramosh and Deosai are home to Himalayan Ibex. According to a survey conducted by Wegge, the area inhabited more than 2000 ibex, which makes one ibex per sq km. Himalayan Ibex also exist in Northern regions of Chitral.Few species are also found in Malika Parbat slopes in Hazara, Chilas and Azad Kashmir. No doubt Himalayan Ibex has strange hold in Baltistan and Hunza. The inaccessible habitat is the only reason for the survival of Himalayan Ibex which are high mountain ranges.



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