Hunza-Shimshal Jeep Safari

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Join Biafo Tours to have an amazing experience of traveling through historic route. Traveling along the 8th wonder of World offers a fascinating and enthralling experience. From blooming trees and lush green trees to ice-capped mountains, from dazzling rivers to serene flower beds, you can experience picturesque views while traveling on KKH. The terraced fields are common in Northern Pakistan for centuries. Terraced villages are oriented on this monumental terrain.

Why you must experience this? KKH never fails to give you good and exciting reasons to come again and again… in spring you will experience the blossom and enchanting fragrance making you feel like a paradise, in summers the fruit trees welcome you with amazing taste, the autumn hues, the most favorite time of most international tourists, the winter has its own charm. It is a life-changing experience to drive through 1284 km long twisting along the river on one side and magnificent mountains on other.



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