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Tired of your busy life and office buzz??? We have something really amazing for you; yes we offer mango farm tours, where you can reconnect with nature. Who is ready to see, know and experience the King of Fruits (Mangoes) this summer?

Pakistan comes alive with mango madness in summers. More than 100 varieties of mangoes are produced in the country and exported to many European countries. Biafo Tours offers you guided tours around mango farms where you can experience breathtaking views and you can pluck mango for yourself (pay for what you pick) and have networking experience with amazing views.

Join us to experience a cool summer mango orchid with your family and friends, where you can also learn the organic way of growing mangoes.

Mangoes are summer’s diet. Mango gardens can provide you with the best views of various species of Mangoes. Pakistani mangoes are known for the quality and often popular in demand in Europe. It is one of the most exported fruits of Pakistan.



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