Minglig Sar

Destination: Hunza

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Join Biafo Tours and experience enthralling views of Minglig Sar in Shimshal valley and the extreme southern mountain ranges of Kun Lun. You can also enjoy the beauty of Shimshal lake near Shimshal Pass mountain. (4735m).This thrilling trek is going to make you experience unexplored surrounding areas of Wakhan Corridors with lush green pastures of enchanted Pamirs on the borderline between South Asia and central Asia. This trek will provide you exciting opportunity to see large groups of sheep, goats’ yaks and ibex grazing on these pastures. Snow Leopards can also be seen in these grasslands to hunt goats and yaks.

Enroute we will see the diversity of terrains from steep passes to spectacular valleys and calm lakes. The majestic historical Shimshal pas was once used by traders to travel between China and India.

This trek is 7-9 hours walk starting from the beautiful Shimshal valley to Wuch Furzeen. You have to then walk to Shuijherav which will take around 6-8 hours walk. To reach Shimshal pass from Shuijherav it takes almost three hours. Shimshal Pass is the most relaxing and soothing camping point near icy lakes and lush green grasslands. It takes just one day to climb Minglig Sar from Shimshal pass if one is in good physical condition and the weather is favorable. The spectacular views of North Face of K2 are one of the perks of this trek.



Day 01 Arrive Islamabad. Hotel.

Day 02 Fly to Gilgit (subject to weather) or drive to Chilas in case of flight

cancellation. Hotel.

Day 03 Drive from Gilgit or Chilas to Hunza. Hotel.

Day 04 Drive by jeep to Shimshal. Hotel.

Day 07 Trek to Wuch Furzeen. Tent.

Day 08 Trek to Shuizherav. Tent.

Day 09 Trek to Shimshal Pass. Tent.

Day 10-12 Three days for acclimatization and climbing the snow peak of Minglig Sar


Day 13-14 Two days for return trek to Shimshal. Hotel.

Day 15 Drive to by jeep to Passu and onwards to Hunza. Hotel.

Day 16 Full day for sightseeing around Hunza. Hotel.

Day 17 Drive to Gilgit. Hotel.

Day 18 Fly to Islamabad or drive to Besham. Hotel.

Day 19 Free day or complete road journey to Islamabad. Hotel.

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