Nanga Parbat Rupal B.C. Trek and Hunza Tour

Destination: Skardu

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Nanga Parbat is a Sanskrit word which means Naked Mountain; it is named so because of the steep slopes where even vegetation and snow doesn’t exist. Local people call it Diamir which means dwelling of fairies. It is a belief of native communities that Queen of fairies lives in a castle which is made of ice which is crystal clear; safeguarded by snow serpents and frogs. The mishaps happened during climbing are associated with the annoyance of fairies. Nanga Parbat does not stand alone as a single peak rather it consists of a series of 20km peaks and ridges concluding in an icy crest.

It ranks second in as highest mountain in Pakistan and ninth in worldwide. It exists on the extreme west of the magnificent Himalaya range, river Indus tear Karakoram and Himalayas apart. After the first accident being faced by A.F Mummery who was on the expedition to climb Nanga Parbat in 1895, many adventurers have made attempts to climb this peak via different routes but very few have made through. This peak is called German Killer Mountain as various mountaineers lost their lives while trying to attempt.10 people lost their lives in a storm in 1937, 4 of them were German Mountaineers, the same type of accident happened again in 1953 when 30 were buried alive by an avalanche. Till date, 8000 people have lost their lives while climbing this mountain



Day 01 Arrive to Islamabad. Hotel.

Day 02 Fly to Gilgit or Drive to Chilas in case of flight cancellation. Hotel

Day 03 Drive to Tarashing. Hotel.

Day 04 Trek to Herlig Koffer BC. Tent.

Day 05 Free days at BC. Tent.

Day 06 Trek to Tarashing. Tent.

Day 07 Drive to Gilgit. Hotel.

Day 08 Drive Hunza. Hotel.

Day 09 Sightseeing at Hunza. Hotel.

Day 10 Drive to Gilgit. Hotel.

Day 11 Flight to Islamabad or in case of flight cancellation drive from Besham to Islamabad. Hotel.

Day 12 City sight seeing of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Day 13 Fly out.

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