Rakaposhi Base Camp Trek and Hunza Tour

Destination: Nagar

Hunza Nagar Treks

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Rakaposhi is Magnificent Mountain which is 7788m high; it is ranked as the world’s 29th highest mountain. The word Rakaposhi means snow covered. You can view Rakaposhi when you are traveling from Gilgit to Hunza. It is also known as Dumani which means

Mother of Mist”. It is surrounded by well icy glaciers and spectacular valleys of Bagrot, Minapin, and Jaglot.

Rakaposhi is not easy to summit in any direction. It was first climbed through northwestern route by Cambell Secord in 1938. This mountain is not that easy to reach through any route, the western routes are so long, the routes on the north are high and very difficult to climb and rest of routes has the risk of avalanches and storms.

If we approach Rakaposhi via Minapin to Tagafarai and Kacheli valleys it offers spectacular and incredible views. Biafo will take you through Jaglot Nullah route, surrounded by thick forests, lush green grasslands, and enchanted streams and will make sure you can have a perfect experience in the wilderness.



Day 01 Islamabad. Hotel.

Day 02 Fly to Gilgit or drive to Chilas in case of flight cancellation. Hotel.

Day 03 Drive to Minapin. Hotel.

Day 04 Drive to Minapin. Hotel.

Day 05 Trek to Tagaphari. Tent.

Day 06 Free day. Tent.

Day 07 Trek down to Minapin and drive to Hunza. Hotel.

Day 08 Free day. Hotel.

Day 09 Drive to Gilgit. Hotel.

Day 10 Fly to Islamabad or drive to Besham. Hotel.

Day 11 Free day or complete road journey. Hotel.

Day 12 Fly out.

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