Spantik BC and Haramosh La Trek

Destination: Skardu

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The Haramosh Pass connects the Haramosh Glacier with Chogo Lungma glacier which lies in the North East. It is surrounded by Laila Peak (6986m), Mani peak (6685m) and the Haramosh Peak (7409m). The trek begins from Doko and ends at Dassu near Sassi where the valley meets Gilgit - Skardu road. The trek passes through the B.C of Laila peak starting from Bulocho. It is a difficult trek as the glacier on the upper reaches is heavily crevassed with danger of avalanches. The ascent is steep on the west side requiring the use of rope. It is a challenging trek and is only suited to experienced trekkers with mountaineering experience.



Day 01 Islamabad. Welcome reception.

Day 02 Fly to Skardu or drive to Chilas in case of flight cancellation. Hotel.

Day 03 Free day at Skardu or drive from Chilas to Skardu. Hotel.

Day 04 Skardu to Arandu (2770m). Tent.

Day 05 Trek to Bukhum. Tent.

Day 06 Trek to Khurumal. Tent.

Day 07 Trek to Bolucho (3800m). Tent.

Day 08 Trek to Spantik B.C. Tent.

Day 09 Trek to Laila BC. Tent.

Day 10 Trek to Sharing. Tent.

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