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Range    :  Karakoram   
Altitude  : 6,286m
Zone  : Open
Duration  :   36 Days
Best Time   : May - September
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The Trango Towers are a group of dramatic granite spires located on the north side of the Baltoro Glacier, in Baltistan, a district of the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan (formerly Northern Areas). They are part of the Baltoro Muztagh, a subrange of the Karakoram range. The Towers offer some of the largestcliffs and most challenging rock climbing in the world. The highest point in the group is the summit ofGreat Trango Tower at 6,286 m (20,608 ft). The east face of the Great Trango Tower features the world`sgreatest nearly vertical drop.

Trango (Nameless) Tower was first climbed in 1976 by the legendary British climber Joe Brown, along with Mo Anthoine, Martin Boysen, and Malcolm Howells. There are at least eight separate routes to the summit.

One notable route is Eternal Flame (named after a Bangles album), first climbed on 20 September 1989 byKurt Albert and Wolfgang Güllich. This route ascends the South-East Face of the Tower, and was climbed almost entirely free (in stages, using fixed ropes to return to a base each night). This helped inaugurate an era of pure rock-climbing techniques and aesthetics on high-altitude peaks.


Day 01            Arrive Islamabad, Welcome reception.     
Day 02 Drive to Skardu
Day 03  Free Day at Skardu.
Day 04  Skardu- preparations.
Day 05  Drive to Thongal/Askole.
Day 06           Trek to Korofong.
Day 07 Trek to Chobraqk.
Day 08 Trek to Paiju
Day 09  Trek to Base Camp.
Day 10-30  Climbing Activities
Day 31  Trek back to pajju.
Day 32 Trek back to Chobraqk.
Day 33  Trek to Askoli.
Day 34 Drive to Skardu.
Day 35 Free day at Skardu
Day 36 Drive to Islamabad

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